Why no Minutes?

People have me asked why no minutes have been posted on this site since July 09.

The simple answer is that I am no longer prepared to stand up for the veracity of the minutes produced after that date. In fact I have disputed or abstained from agreeing them on several occasions.

A decision was made in September 09 to prohibit the recording of these meetings, a practice I previously carried out as an aid to hearing difficulties that I suffer. You may draw your own conclusions about why certain members of the committee prefer not to be recorded but not only has this decision not been accurately minuted, but many details were deliberately suppressed for fear of showing the committee “in a bad light.”

Minutes since that date have often been subject to extensive revision and editing after the fact, not due to any lack of diligence by the minute takers, but simply because people wish to change what they actually said to what they would like to have said.  

It is my belief that these minutes no longer represent a true and accurate record of these meetings and as such I am not prepared to publish them on any site that I am associated with.

If you wish to read them for yourself, then you will have to try and find them on the council’s own website. Good luck to you because even they seem cautious about publishing them.


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