At the beginning of this debacle we were told that the council was just putting forward their plans to start a consultation process. Well the results of that “process” are now in.

You might ask yourself if this “consultation” took into account opinions put forward at the well attended public meetings and workshops? Apparently not.

You will of course wonder if the well constructed and professionally managed “User survey report” commissioned by the council, administered by Pathways and responded to by well over 500 members of the public forms a central part of that consultation?      It doesn’t seem to.

A fast moving mountain biker narrowly misses my old blind dog on the main access track.
Mountain Bike Tyre Tracks turning one of the foot paths into a quagmire.  Cyclists are only supposed to ride on the Concessionary Bridleways but this rule is flagrantly disregarded.

No, the backbone of the whole Crompton Moor “Adventures in Play” Consultation Report is drawn from a distinctly amateur looking survey, hastily put together by the council and answered by just 41 people.

Now you might call me cynical, but with 23 of these responses (56%) coming from a “fun” day held in the rain, where the survey was being conducted in a tent adjacent to a display run by a mountain bike club, it might be expected that there was an overwhelming response in favour of plans to build a mountain bike trail.

So, was there an overwhelming response? Well not exactly....

The letter that was circulated by the council said that “Overall more people felt positively about the proposals (61%)”, that’s a whole 25 people folks.....   Hardly a mandate to cause irreversible damage to a valuable wild habitat that has been developing for many years.

The other responses were drawn from a not very well publicised continuation of that survey in the local library. Interestingly several people that responded negatively to that part of the survey cannot find their answers, or their post codes, in the final report at all. Is that due to inaccuracies, incompetence or something more sinister we wonder?

How then does this “survey” compare to the Pathways report which says that 45% of current users want to keep the moor as it is while a further 26% highlighted the importance of the natural environment of the moor. Wait for it....... I make that about 365 people saying leave it alone. One for every day of the year. which is not too surprising from a sample of which 67% visited the moor at least every week while 31% visited daily.

These are the people that know the moor, these are the people that understand the moor and most importantly these are the people that care for the moor both physically and emotionally.

If the council ignore these people, and ride rough shod over their wishes, then this whole process will have been a travesty of monumental proportions.

There is a final public meeting to discuss these plans at Shore Edge Church on the 4th of March 7.00pm.

If you are one of those people that really care about what happens to Crompton Moor come and have your say.    Don’t just abandon the moor to the council and their plan to appease the mountain bikers.

It will only take a few days to ruin what nature has built over the centuries.


Typical damage caused by mountain bikers even when they are not cutting down trees and destroying walls.

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