Rick Jan and Murphy

Murphy is our third Springer Spaniel to enjoy the freedom of being off lead on the moor. Together with our dogs we have walked the moors and parkland around Shaw for over 20 years and find Crompton Moor to be our favourite. This is down to the variety of pathways, the scenery, the wildlife and the tranquillity offered by the moor. Although used daily by many, there is space for all offering solitude or good company if desired. It is out of love for the moor that many of the walkers take on a self-wardening role picking up litter, rebuilding dry stone walls, reporting crime or anti-social behaviour. So it is only natural that collectively the responsible users of the moor want to continue protecting this gem we have on our door step.

Over the years we have seen changes to the landscape but the recent one to the car park gives concern. Money was ploughed into the project but once the last stone was laid the thieves and vandals arrived. So now instead of the plinths being capped with stone they are covered in cement. This leaves concern that money will again be spent because a certain funding stream is available but without adequate or sustainable resource for the upkeep and protection of that project.

We are not against the mountain bikers as the ones we have met have always been polite and there has been a mutual respect for each others purpose on the moor. However, the off road bikes are a problem to all responsible users of Crompton Moor.

At the user group meeting we attended we where asked our vision for the Crompton Moor in 20 years time. For us, we hope we are still enjoying walks amongst the vibrant heather, pine trees and grasses all to the sound of silence or wildlife. We hope too that dogs will still be free from the lead.

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