We use the moor almost every day to walk the dog.  I also like to have a run on it most weeks.  Its a great place to get away  from everyone else!!!!

We attended last weeks meeting, hope to be at the next one but it clashes with my daughters 21st but will try to go.

We donít want the moor over developing. It would become another 'Hollingworth lake'. What next, Mc Donalds on site.

This obesity stuff makes me laugh as lots of folk walk around places like Hollingworth lake and then go and scoff an ice cream and a burger from the vendors!!!

Hazel and Cass
Peter and Cass

I have just been reading a forum on NWR (North west  riders) and One of their members is quite rightly complaining of dog poo on the moor and that none of our photos of our  group are shown with dog poo bags in their hands in my opinion implying that 'we' don't pick up after our dogs. On the whole  most of the stuff I'm reading is sensible and it seems most members of NWR seem to be 'OK'.

However I would like to emphasise that I, Peter, pictured with my  Border Collie Cass  always clear up after my dog has fouled. I also collect Litter on a regular basis. My wife Hazel also does the same.

I too as a dog walker get irritated by people who do not clear up after their pets.

I am also amazed to find that someone is using poo bags and simply leaving them on the moor.rather than putting them in the  bin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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