Gary and Skadi walking on a quiet day on the moor.Gary and Skadi walking on a quiet day on the moor.


I write this as one of a quiet majority.

In this context, Iím part of the largest user group of Crompton Moor, near Oldham.

Now if you have visited the moor and looked at the tyre tracks, you could be mistaken for thinking that the groups who use the moor most are the cyclists or the motor bikers that ride along the footpaths at break neck speeds.

Perhaps you thought that the under age drinkers that build camps and fires in the woods were the dominant user group.

If you thought that, you would be very wrong.

There is one user group that visit Crompton Moor every day. They go there in the rain and the shine, freezing winter days as well as the sweltering dog days of June.

You may have spotted a clue in that last sentence..... If you havenít worked it out yet, ask one of the hundreds of dog walkers that visit the Crompton Moor every day.

It is the dog walkers who call in the fire brigade when bored kids decide to set the heather alight. It is the dog walkers who tidy up the car park after the boy racers have dumped their fast food wrappers all over the place and itís the dog walkers who usually pick up the beer cans and sports drink bottles left in the woods.

So if you were wondering who really cares about Crompton Moor, ask one of the dog walkers.

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