Crompton Moor User Group (CMUG) Inaugural Committee Meeting
Laura Vayro (LV) - Countryside Officer


Thursday 7th May & Thursday 14th May 2009

Shore Edge Church, Shaw



Barbara Haigh, Pauline Ramsden, Martin Riley, Colin Foden, Sheila Peirce, David Baird, Gary Waidson, Marian Herod, Cllr Mari Wiswell, John Hall, Paul Barnes, Michael Ely, Laura Vayro, Cllr Rod Blyth. Richard Vink was present on 7th May but not on 14th May.




Richard Vink on 14th May.




Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary and Treasurer were nominated as follows:

Chair  Paul Barnes

Vice-chair John Hall

Secretary David Baird

Treasurer Cllr Mari Wiswell


Minutes secretary – it was agreed that LV would continue to take the minutes at each committee meeting




All members discussed draft 3 of the constitution that had been distributed beforehand. LV to distribute updated constitution asking for any further changes by 1st June. After this date it will be distributed to the rest of the user group.


It was agreed that LV will continue to send information to the rest of the User Group via email and post until the group matures, and will keep the database/mailing list with a view to handing it over in the future to the group.



Extending the Committee

Youth Members

RB suggested that the group should approach the Oldham youth council and ask them to nominate someone – if aged under 16 they will need to have someone with them at meetings. It was decided however to try and get senior schools involved and hopefully attract young people who were local and interested in the moor.

Action:  MW to contact Crompton House School

  RB to contact Royton & Crompton School

  LV to contact Duke of Edinburgh office in Oldham

Wildlife Members

It was agreed that there would be too many members if the group were extended by a further two people, and that the issues about ‘wildlife’ can be covered by the ‘environment’ element of the group.



Setting up a Bank Account

Agreed that the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer should be able to sign cheques. MW to get paperwork from Barclays Bank in Shaw.



Crompton Moor Project Management Board

It was agreed to defer this item until Richard Vink was present to give an update.



Moor Family Fun event – 29 August 2009 1-4pm

It was agreed that this event should go ahead. Committee to bring ideas for activities to have on the day to the next meeting.



Frequency of Meetings

It was decided that the first Thursday of the month would be a good day for everyone, and that these meetings should start in July after the workshops had ended.


So the date for the next meeting is Thursday 2 July at 7pm at Shore Edge church hall. It was suggested that the committee walk up to Crompton Moor after the meeting for a walk around the moor.



Any Other Business

LV discussed the idea of installing a people counter on the main track from the car park as part of the user survey due to be undertaken this summer.


LV asked if the User Group would like to produce their own poster to advertise the group, which could then be put in the notice board at the car park. GW offered to produce a poster, which he will bring to the next committee meeting.


SP wanted to discuss the article that had been in the Oldham Chronicle that week that RV had initiated, but it was agreed that RV should be at the meeting to speak about the article himself, so it was agreed to defer until the next meeting.


Date of Next Meetings

Thursday 11th and 25th June, after the workshops and Thursday 2 July at 7pm at Shore Edge church hall.


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