Crompton Moor User Group (CMUG) Committee Meeting
Record by - Laura Vayro (LV) - Countryside Officer


Thursday 2nd July 2009

Shore Edge Church, Shaw



Pauline Ramsden, Sheila Peirce, Marian Herod, David Baird, Cllr John Hall, Paul Barnes, Mari Wiswell, Gary Waidson, Michael Ely, Colin Foden, Laura Vayro.


1) Election of new committee member

A statement from Peter Kenworthy was read out:

My name is Peter Kenworthy. I would like to be considered for the walkers/ramblers CMUG committee position. I have lived in Shaw for the past 15 years. I use the moor regularly to have a walk and to enjoy the wonderful peace and tranquillity it offers.

I also use the place to exercise on such as cross country running which I thoroughly enjoy. My wife and disabled son also use the moor on a weekly basis to enjoy this special area of outstanding natural beauty. If any changes are to happen on the moor then I think very careful consideration should be given to the environment and wildlife. I do not oppose change but it should be given much thought and consultation. The view from the trig point is perhaps one of the best in the country and worthy of the effort tackling the ascent.

GW proposed, MW seconded.


2) Apologies

Richard Vink, Cllr Rod Blyth, Martin Riley, Barbara Haigh.


3) Minutes of last meeting – 11th June 2009



4) Ratification of Constitution

Agreed – it was signed by Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary and Treasurer of the group.


5) Length of Meetings

It was agreed that meetings should be held monthly, on the first Thursday of each month, and that meetings should last no longer than 2 hours starting at 7pm. Additional meetings can be added when required.


6) Matters Arising

    • Grant. JH has applied for a grant from Shaw and Crompton Parish Council for £250. There is a meeting on the 15th July when this will hopefully be approved. JH to supply copy of the application for the file.
    • Bank account. The forms are all signed. MW will take them to Barclays this week. Any 2 from the 3 signatories will be able to sign cheques etc.
    • Youth Member. MW has contacted Tony Hardman at Crompton House – Duke of Edinburgh contact there. We would prefer student carrying out there Gold Award, not Bronze as they will be in 6th form. LV chased up D of E contact in Oldham centre and although he sent out information he has not had any response. However, he has been in contact with young person who is volunteering for the RSPB at Dovestones project who may be interested. LV to chase up.
    • Crompton Moor Project Management Board. PB has dates for meetings – 22nd July and 1st October. He will feed back from the first meeting at the next CMUG meeting.


7) Declarations of Interest



8) Moor Family Fun Event

PB – Birds of Prey contact not doing events anymore, so PB suggested approaching Llama trekking organisation in Saddleworth. PB will also chase up a contact for dog training. PB to chase up.

GW – will approach timber companies for possible sponsorship for bird/insect boxes. GW to action.

LV – will contact road safety/recycling within the council and contact police to see if they are available – possibility of having scrambler bike available on the day. LV to action.

CF – chasing up possibility of having a climbing wall. Charge is £50 an hour. PB brought up whether climbing wall is a good idea. After discussion it was agreed for CF to go ahead and see if it is available for the event.

ME – Bike session in quarry base. Possible low key demonstration by North West Riders club members and small skills area using cones in quarry base. Information could also be available on safety gear.

MW – suggested possibility of having a workshop with an artist. Also that JJB could potentially provide a bike as a raffle prize. CF offered to get hold of a bike to raffle if JJB can’t provide one. MW to chase up JJB.

Ice cream van – suggestion of approaching local business. PB to chase up.

Suggestion of getting someone to ‘open’ the event.


9) Any Other Business

PR brought up issue of bike trails and that RV had attended a recent Rights of Way meeting where the trails were discussed, with measurements and costings. MW will try and get hold of copy of the minutes of this meeting.

Rock slide in Pingot quarry. Concern expressed regarding the safety of the rock. LV to follow up.

Gate/Barrier on access road. Request to take this forward as soon as possible. Need to look into legality of erecting a barrier on an unadopted road. LV/RV to follow up.

Agenda items for the next meeting to DB by the end of July. LV to then distribute the agenda.

JH – discussion around Adventures in Play funding and where the money came from originally. RV to clarify.

Next meeting (6th August) is the deadline for confirming activities at the event, and for posters for the displays.

Logo for group was discussed. Ideas for logo’s should be brought to the next meeting.

Website for group. JH has looked into costs and he may be able to get some webpages designed for a low cost.

LV said Pathways consultancy would like to meet with the group. All agreed that this would be better after the event in August.

LV – suggestion to get involved with BBC Breathing Places event on 5th December. This national event is called ‘Tree O’clock’ and the idea is to plant trees between 11am and noon to try and set the Guinness World record for the most trees planted in an hour. All agreed to be involved. LV to action.

LV gave an update on the surveys that are currently ongoing for the project – Bird Survey, Bat Survey, Mineshaft Survey, User Survey being conducted by Pathways consultancy. Also that an initial meeting had taken place with Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit who were interested in carrying out a survey of the site – need to look for funding for this. JH suggested applying to the Parish Council Environment Sub Group for the money.

PB – suggested that the group would like clarification once and for all about the suggestion of a mountain bike track on the moor. Can the group have this clarification at the next meeting please. RV to follow up.


Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 6 August at 7pm at Shore Edge church hall.


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