Crompton Moor User Group (CMUG) Committee Meeting
Recorded by - Laura Vayro (LV) - Countryside Officer


Thursday 11th June 2009

Shore Edge Church, Shaw



Marian Herod, David Baird, John Hall, Paul Barnes, Barbara Haigh, Gary Waidson, Michael Ely, Colin Foden, Richard Vink, Laura Vayro.


1) Apologies

Cllr Mari Wiswell, Cllr Rod Blyth, Martin Riley


2) Minutes of last meeting – 7th May



3) Declarations of Interest



4) Financial Review

JH will request a grant from Shaw and Crompton Parish council for £250. This money will have to be used within 6 months and is a one-off grant. It might be possible to apply again in the future.


The paperwork to set up the bank account for the group was distributed to PB (chair) and DB (secretary).


BH – Suggested that the local bridleways group does have some funds that may be available. E.g. they helped fund a horse corral at Dovestones.


5) Meeting Report Update

  • Extending the committee for youth - LV has emailed the contact in Oldham about informing Duke of Edinburgh students about the project – waiting for a response back. MW and RB were not present to feedback on making contact with Crompton House and Royton and Crompton School.
  • Bank Account – see above
  • Crompton Moor Project Management Board – dates not set for meetings.
  • Moor Family Fun Event - Discussion around ideas for the event:
  • Hedgehog Rescue stall making bird/bat/insect boxes Splat the rat
  • Bird of Prey Display wildlife hunt/nature trail First Aid stall
  • Dog training/rescue dogs/retrievers club   Police Van/Fire Engine
  • Invite organisations to have a stall – recycling/road safety
  • Giveaways – pens/keyrings etc  Climbing Wall
  • Bike event jam jar game penalty shoot out Displays


Issues brought up:

  • Car parking – where to park. Suggestion of involving local pubs and asking if their car parks can be used for the event.
  • Burger van – needs to be invited by the group, but is food wanted at the event, and the associated litter?
  • Group Poster – the group decided not to go ahead with displaying a poster advertising the User Group until a website has been set up.

6) Role of Secretary – DB clarified his position of secretary and suggested changing the wording of section 5h) of the constitution from ‘the secretary’ to ‘ the committee’. Agreed by all.


7) Press Releases

RV was invited to talk about recent press articles and the councils’ view of the Crompton Moor project. RV said he had explained to the press about the project and some of the things he had said had been slightly mis-quoted.

GW suggested that the dog-walking group in the articles had been targeted as the only dissenting group and this was not the case.

The IMBA article was also discussed. RV said that the article didn’t say anything that he hadn’t already spoken to the user group and press about.


8) Activity Feedback.

    • Fences. Fencing needs repairing around the edge of the quarry. LV to action.
    • Early Successes. Discussion around the idea to do something positive and soon, about the project – possibility to have displays about the project at the funday event in August, and also displays about each user group. RV will collate displays when they’ve been done – A2 size poster to be sent to RV by the end of July.
    • Workshops. GW asked if the council will be providing feedback from the workshops.  All information will be collated to inform the feasibility study. Notes from the workshops will be on the council website as soon as possible – LV to action.


9) Data Protection Act

A question arose regarding data protection of committee members. JH said there were two ways to go about this:

  • Committee members can agree verbally that OMBC can hold the information, or
  • All members can fill in a form, which agrees that when LV resigns from the post as minutes secretary, then the council will formally remove the information.

All voted for the first option.


10) Any Other Business

MH said that there are piles of logs near the bike trail that are being used for the trails. LV suggested it would be better to remove them off site. LV to action.


Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 2 July at 7pm at Shore Edge church hall.


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