Bracken fronds springing up in the ruins of  Bowling Green farm
Great Meadow Birches

This area of the site is intended to become a one stop source of information about Crompton Moor.

I am hoping that as time goes on it will contain articles from a number of people that really know the moor and will discuss itís history, itís wildlife and itís geology.

I hope to start a gallery of images showing the moor in all itís glory from season to season at some point too.

Regrettably, no picture of the moor would be complete without discussing some of the challenges facing the moor such as vandalism, arson and antisocial behaviour. Articles on these issues will also be found here.

Follow the links at the right of the page to access these articles.

A Wikipedia entry for Crompton Moor can be found here.

A Walking Trail leaflet can be downloaded in PDF form here or a History Trail leaflet can be downloaded here.

Oldham Councilís web site about the project can be found here.

Misty sunset over Crompton Moor
Crompton Moor Rocks
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