Habitat and Landscape Workshop

  • Date and time: 7 May 2009, 7.15-8.15pm (after first meeting of Crompton Moor User Group Committee)
  • Venue: Shore Edge Church Hall

This workshop will consider people’s views on, and how we might enhance, the conservation and ecological value of Crompton Moor. Coupled with this are the landscape qualities that provide the character of the Moor and how they influence its use. Such qualities include physical attributes (woods, quarries, streams/waterfalls, drystone walls etc.), historical/archaeological features, aesthetic qualities such as views into and out of the Moor etc.


Recreation and Activities Workshop

  • Date and time: 19 May 2009, 6.30-8pm
  • Venue: Crompton Library, Farrow Street East, Shaw (please note change of venue)

Here the group will focus on the present use of Crompton Moor and what sort of passive and active recreation might be accommodated in the future. Within this there will be opportunity to consider how different uses can be positively managed to allow inclusive use by the local community and those beyond in an attractive countryside setting.


Wednesday 20th May 12.30 - 3.30pm. Volunteer event.- Fencing Repair. Meet in main car park.


Tuesday 26th May 7.00pm. Friends of Crompton Moor meeting.- Park Inn. Buckstones Road, Shaw.

    A chance to get involved and make a difference.


Safe and Secure Workshop

  • Date and time: 11 June 2009, 6.30-8pm
  • Venue: Shore Edge Church Hall

Crompton Moor is a beautiful place but there are issues with anti-social behaviour, illegal and illicit uses and uncontrolled access. The time will be used to gain views on what issues there are and how these might be addressed and positively managed.


Weekend 13th 14th June. Dry Stone Walling course. ( Details uncertain.)


Sunday 14th June. “Moorland birds” - joint walk/ activities with the RSPB. 12 noon - 4pm.


Wednesday 24th June. “Eddies revenge” Fell race 3.8 miles organised by Middleton Harriers. 7.30pm


Access and Interpretation Workshop

  • Date and time: 25 June 2009, 6.30-8pm
  • Venue: Shore Edge Church Hall

Through the previous workshops views on how the more physical aspects of Crompton Moor could be enhanced will have been gained. This workshop is to do with people: who uses and could use the Moor, how do we enable people to access such a great location, what can be done to help people get the most from their visit.


Sunday 19th July. Oldham Amateur Radio Club - Radio orienteering event £6.50 entry fee. (Timing unknown)


Wednesday 29th July 12.30 - 3.30pm. Volunteer event.- Footpath work. Meet in main car park.


Thursday 20th August. “Let’s try orienteering” - family event 1-3pm.


Saturday 29th August. “Moor family fun” - 1-4pm.


Sunday 13th September. “Chaiman’s Crompton Circuit Crawl.” part of the South Pennine walking festival. Annual walk led by Shaw and Crompton Parish Council. Start at Jubilee car park 10am.


Wednesday 23rdSeptember 12.30 - 3.30pm. Volunteer event.- Drainage clearance. Meet in main car park.



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