The latest “public” version can be seen here, but the agreed draft version shown here has several amendments to that draft, including the removal of the unworkable “Non disclosure clause” that had been inserted before the first committee meeting.



D  R A  F T  4    F O  R     C  O N  S U  L T  A T  I O  N


May 2009


1. Name

    The group shall be known as Crompton Moor User group (herein after referred to as CMUG).


2. Vision

    To ensure Crompton Moor remains an attractive countryside area providing opportunities for inclusive use by the local community and those beyond. This involves the protection and enhancement of the environment and its wildlife while providing recreational, educational and social functions and encouraging responsible access to the wider countryside.


3. Aims and Objectives.

    a) To provide a public space where environmental, biodiversity and historical issues are balanced with encouraging public access.

    b) To maintain and improve the amenities of Crompton Moor to provide an accessible, safe environment for the enjoyment of all lawfully abiding and responsible users, visitors and residents, irrespective of age, disability, sex, religion or race.

    c) To represent members in matters relating to Crompton Moor and enable and encourage the local community and other users of the site to take an interest in the upkeep, enjoyment and protection of Crompton Moor

    d) To work in partnership with Oldham MBC Parks and Countryside Service and with other groups or organisations who have a similar vision and objectives for the benefit of the whole environment of Crompton Moor.

    e) To take responsibility for appropriate fund raising activities, community-led external funding applications and community involvement for investment in line with the objectives.

    f) CMUG is committed to treating everyone fairly and equally regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion and physical or mental ability

    g) Through its position formally report to the police any unlawful acts being committed on the moors or associated car parks


4. Powers

    a) To open a bank account

    b) To hold meetings to further the aims and objectives of the group

    c) To raise funds and invite and receive contributions.

    d) Power to co-operate with groups, voluntary bodies, statutory authorities or charities operating in furtherance of the objects or similar purpose and to exchange information and advice with them.

    e) Power to do all such other lawful things as are necessary for the achievements of the aims and objectives.


5. Membership

    a) Membership shall be open to any individual who is sympathetic with the vision, aims and objectives of CMUG and who is willing to abide by the constitution of CMUG.

    b) There shall be no discrimination on the basis of age, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or nationality.

    c) Members shall renew their membership annually at the Annual General meeting (AGM) or within three weeks of the date of the AGM by writing.

    d) Each member shall have one vote at any meeting or AGM.

    e) Any member may withdraw membership at any time on notifying the secretary.

    f) The management committee shall retain the right for adequate reasons (this term refers to it dishonesty, illegal conduct etc) include to refuse or terminate membership of any individual, after giving the individual concerned the right to be heard by the management committee before a final decision is made.

    g) The membership may by a vote of no confidence of over 50% of the membership vote to terminate the office of a committee member at any meeting of the group. Should this occur, the person will remain a member of the group and will be subject to the provisions in 5c) above.

    h) The secretary with the appropriate support shall keep a membership book with full details of members including specifically, name and contact details, for use only in determining eligibility to vote, monitoring membership levels and circulating information relating to the Group, it’s activities and Crompton Moor.


6. Management Committee

    a) The Management Committee shall be responsible for the management and administration of CMUG.

    b) Committee members shall be elected from the general membership annually at the AGM. Existing committee members can be re-elected. In the event of a tie the Chair shall have the deciding vote.

    c) The committee will comprise of members representing the following groupings:

          i. walkers/ramblers (2 members)

          ii. dog walkers (2 members)

          iii. horse-riders (2 members)

          iv. off road cyclists (2 members)

          v. site neighbours (people with property directly adjacent to the site boundary (2 members)

          vi. environment/wildlife and inclusive access (2 members)

          vii) young people (2 members)

          viii. Oldham Borough Councillor (1 member)

          ix. Shaw & Crompton Parish Councillor (1 member)

    d) The committee will include the following designated positions: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Minutes Secretary. The position of Chair can only be elected from those who represent the groupings i)-vii) in item 6d) above.

    e) Should a place on the committee become vacant the management Committee shall co-opt a member as a replacement from the interest group from which the vacancy has arisen, who is nominated and seconded to fill the position. Ratification of the replacement shall be by a vote of the full membership at the AGM.

    f) The Management Committee shall have the power to delegate any of its responsibilities to a sub-committee appointed by and responsible to the management committee, bound by the same constitution.


7. Meetings

    a) An inaugural General Meeting will be held and subsequently, an Annual General Meeting will take place annually thereafter.

    b) The Chair shall act as Chair at meetings of the members and at committee meetings. If the Chair is absent from any meeting, the Vice Chair shall act as Chair. If both Chair and Vice Chair are absent from any meeting members of the committee present shall choose one of their number to be Chair of the meeting.

    c) The Secretary, with appropriate support, shall keep minutes as a record of the proceedings of all the meetings of the group. These shall be circulated to other committee members.

    d) The Secretary shall arrange committee meetings and members meetings including the AGM in consultation with other committee members.

    e) The Secretary shall prepare in advance of the meeting and in conjunction with other committee members an agenda for the meeting.

    f) The Management Committee shall give at least 21 days’ notice to members of the Annual General Meeting and of all other meeting during each year.

    g) The Management Committee shall meet as required but not less than two times per year (including the AGM), the timing of which will be decided by the Committee.

    h) An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the management committee giving at least 21 days notice to the membership.

    i) On written request from at least 25 per cent of members, an Extraordinary General Meeting may be held. This must take place no more than 30 days after receipt of the demand.


8. Procedures

    a) The Management Committee shall keep appropriate written and photographic records of all meetings, projects and events.

    b) For a meeting of the membership or committee to be quorate at least seven members of the committee are required to be present, in the case of the AGM, not less than 25% of the membership is required for the meeting to be quorate.

    c) Decisions shall be made by a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote. In the event of equality in the votes cast at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting the motion will fall.


9. Declaration of interest

    a) It shall be the duty of every member who is in any way, directly or indirectly, interested financially in any item discussed at any meeting of CMUG (including any meeting of any committee or subcommittee) at which s/he is present to declare such interest and s/he shall not discuss such item (except by invitation of the Chair) or vote there on.


10. Publication and Disclosure

    a) On occasion the committee may decide an item should not be discussed outside of the committee at the present time.


11.  Financial arrangements

    a) All monies raised by CMUG shall be applied to further the aims of the organisation, and for no other purpose. No office bearer or other member shall be paid or given any sum of money except in so far as the payment is for reimbursement for outlays actually incurred for the benefit of CMUG.

    b) A bank account shall be opened in the name of the Group and four office bearers shall be authorised to sign cheques, with two signatures required on each cheque.

    c) Full financial records shall be kept and financial statements produced annually (at the AGM) and on request of the management committee. Financial records will be subject to an annual audit.

    d) No member shall receive any financial benefit from the group, other than the payment of reasonable expenses agreed in advance by the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

    e) Fundraising will take place on agreement by the committee.


11. Amendments to the constitution

    a) Any changes to this constitution can only be made at an AGM. Notification of the proposed changes to this constitution shall be given to members 14 days in advance of the AGM.

    b) Any member of the group can propose or second a change to the constitution by formally informing the Secretary. The same person cannot propose or second the same motion.

    c) The method of voting to change the constitution shall be by a show of hands at the AGM.

    d) In the event of a tied vote during a meeting, the motion will fail.


12. Dissolution

    a) The group can be wound up by a majority vote of the members at a General Meeting or AGM

    b) If the group is wound up, and after settling any debts any remaining money will be given to a local group or organisation with similar aims. Committee members to decide on an appropriate group or organisation by vote

    c) CMUG shall then be dissolved.


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