Crompton Moor User Group Committee.

Due to a lack of candidates put forward the following committee was accepted on 23rd April 2009 without the need for election.

Representing walkers and ramblers - Martin Riley and Peter Kenworthy

Representing dog walkers Gary Waidson and David C Baird ( Secretary.)

Representing horse riders - Paul Barnes ( Chairman.) and Barbara Haigh

Representing mountain bikers - Michael Ely and Colin Foden

Representing site neighbours - John Hall ( Vice Chairman.) and Pauline Ramsden

Representing environment and access - Sheila Pierce and Marian Herod

Borough Councillor - Cllr Rod Blyth

Parish Councillor - Mari Wiswell ( Treasurer.)



As part of the election process, candidates were asked to support their nominations with a statement of not more than 100 words. While most of us would have liked to say more, some just disregarded this stipulation. For the record here are those statements.


Martin Riley.

I would like to be considered for the Walkers/Ramblers CMUG Committee position.

I have lived in Shaw most of my life and am the designated footpaths inspector for the Parish Council and so walk Crompton Moor most days inspecting the paths and making recommendations regarding repair and maintenance.

I have done these duties for the past five years or more and know the moor well including all the footpaths and places of interest around the moor and Crompton Circuit.

Peter Kenworthy.

My name is Peter Kenworthy. I would like to be considered for the walkers/ramblers CMUG committee position. I have lived in Shaw for the past 15 years. I use the moor regularly to have a walk and to enjoy the wonderful peace and tranquillity it offers.

I also use the place to exercise on such as cross country running which I thoroughly enjoy. My wife and disabled son also use the moor on a weekly basis to enjoy this special area of outstanding natural beauty. If any changes are to happen on the moor then I think very careful consideration should be given to the environment and wildlife. I do not oppose change but it should be given much thought and consultation. The view from the trig point is perhaps one of the best in the country and worthy of the effort tackling the ascent.


Gary Waidson.

I am a well known figure on the moor, voluntarily clearing litter, reporting crimes and walking my dog daily.

Contrary to the vilification that has been directed at me by some parties, I am not against changes on the moor, but I do believe that proper scrutiny is needed to ensure that all users of the moor benefit.

This ballot is flawed and undemocratic, as our candidacies are being vetted in relation to aims and objectives that have neither been discussed nor ratified. However, I stand for honesty, transparency and accountability, all things that seem sadly lacking in some quarters.

David C Baird.

I have been a regular dog walker on Crompton Moor for over twenty years, and in the early 1990's used Crompton Moor as the basis of my dissertation when studying an Environment course with the Open University. Crompton Moor is an attractive, peaceful haven from the pressures of urban life and should be available for all to enjoy.

It is also an important area for biodiversity and conservation. With protection and enhancement the Moor could become an educational facility as well as providing a recreational area. We need to improve access for people with mobility problems.


Paul Barnes.

Whilst having an all round interest in the categories listed for inclusion into the committee I feel that these groups are already well represented and I feel that I would be more objective when representing the horse riders. I do ride from time to time and with my wife own a horse, which is stabled on a farm nearby.

The riding community, which I am in touch with, has both able bodied and disabled riders which use the moor, and I would be only too pleased to consult with them and other such riding communities to obtain their views and represent them so that their views are taken into account.

Being a member of the building services industry I am experienced in dealing with planning and process matters and would be only too willing to participate in this activity.

Barbara Haigh.

If needed I can represent either or both horse riders or elderly and disabled – I am a pensioner and have worked in old people’s residential homes, done some work with Riding for Disabled, have disabled (both physically and mentally impaired) friends and am aware of access problems for these groups. I am also a dog walker and have grand children who use mountain bikes.


Michael Ely.

My name is Michael Ely. I have lived close to the moor for 35 years and have used it regularly for recreation. In recent years my passion for mountain biking has led me to use the tracks across the moor and beyond onto the South Pennine network of bridleways.

I am a member of North West Riders and want to support the club's and the Council's aspirations for a properly managed mountain biking facility on the moor.

Colin Foden.

I have been asked to represent mountain bikers on the CMUG committee.

Although I do not live in Shaw I have used Crompton Moor regularly over the years for a diversity of recreational pursuits. In recent years my passion for mountain biking has led me to use the tracks across the moor and beyond onto the South Pennine network of bridleways.

I am a not member of North West Riders but wish to support the Club's and the Council's aspirations for a properly managed mountain biking facility on the moor. I would also like to provide a voice for many other cyclists who use the moor but are not members of NWR.

I am fully aware of the problems arising from interaction of different user groups and sympathise fully and am primarily concerned with tackling these issues.


Pauline Ramsden.

I would like to put my name forward to represent horse-riders on Crompton Moor. I have ridden Crompton Moor for 35 years, I live adjacent to the moor and have my own horse, my daughter also rides the moor.

I am a member of the Friezland User Group and Chair of the West Pennine Bridleways Association. I feel I know what horse riders would want from any changes or improvements.

If not selected to represent horse riders I would like to be considered for ‘site neighbours’. I live on Golden Street, which runs parallel to the access road from Buckstones Road to Brushes Clough Quarry.

John Hall.

I live adjacent to Crompton Moor at Oldbrook House, Buckstones Road, opposite a footpath that leads directly to the moor. Frequently I walk upon the moors and often tie up with ramblers and organised walks around the area. On occasions I walk my dog upon the moor and often other people’s dogs for them if they are away or ill.

The environment is of great interest to me and especially the moor opposite Buckstones Road where I have been involved in a number of projects upon and around the area, including the reinstatement of public footpaths and the defining of old paths that are no longer clearly distinct.

I am the Vice-chair of the Parish Council Environment Subcommittee and the Chair of the ‘Book Workgroup’, defining the history of Shaw and Crompton.

I strongly work towards the conservation of the environment and am avidly concerned about the wildlife that frequents the area while actively encouraging the development of the surrounding area and moor in a sustainable manner.


Sheila Peirce.

I have walked on Crompton Moor (with and without dogs ) since moving to Shaw 39yrs ago and have enjoyed the freedom, peace and quiet.

While studying with the Open University, 3 of my courses were Geology, Ecology and Environment during which I used Crompton Moor for my projects. One project was to survey freshwater species above and below the culvert. The other was actually on usage and its impact on the moor.

I believe that any public open space should be open to all but that all users must respect the environment, wildlife and each other.

Marian Herod.

My name is Marian Herod and I wish to nominate myself as an environmental candidate for the CMUG committee. I wish to gain an understanding of the proposal by having the chance to ask questions, and to assist in ensuring that any work carried out is sympathetic to both the habitat and landscape, in order to safeguard the common for current and future generations to use and enjoy.

I walk, sketch, photograph and exercise my daughters’ dogs on a regular basis. My husband and I also have mountain bikes. I guess you could say I’m a bit of an all-rounder.


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