The Car Park Area

Car Park after clean up
Bigger bins required?
Flagstone  gone in the gun emplacement
Fence damage
Guess what happens here?
Car Park before clean up.

The area that needs the most constant cleaning up is always the car park. The better the weather the worse it gets.

The biggest offenders here are the adolescent drivers who use the place as a meeting point and dump their fast food wrappings everywhere.

It is also an underage drinking venue of course and a quick look at many of the plastic bags around also show something else that obviously goes on a lot around here.

It strikes me that one well placed police car and a couple of officers could make a few useful bookings up here in the evenings, but everybody, including the kids, thinks the police really donít care what happens up here. 

Iíve lost count of the number of times Iíve reported stuff going on up here, like motorbikes, shooting, arson or vandalism and Iíve never yet been able to wait long enough to see a police car turn up.   Is Oldham so lawless that all the police are busy all the time?

Iíve tried intervening myself on a couple of occasions and received threats and damage to my vehicle as a result. Nobody cares about that either.

In the end, nobody reports anything anymore because it seems like a waste of time. As a consequence, the police say that reports of crime are down in the area so the problem must be going away.        Give us a break.

Vandalism of course is a regular event up here. Since the council spent a hefty sum on building the gun emplacement itís got worse.

No doubt someone is enjoying their new patio paved with good stone flags and the council did try to find the culprit. They accused one of the regular dog walkers because his van was seen in the area so often.

Maybe thatís because heís walking his dogs guys..........

The most regular destruction on the moor and the car park is caused by the motorcyclists who pull up, break down or ride over anything that gets in their way.

As you hear them coming round a bend at high speed and scramble out of the way, you canít help wondering if the next thing they will knock down will be a child or someone not agile enough to jump clear.

When we saw the stonework being built in the car park we all assumed that the intention was to restrict access for the trailbikers or at least the quadbikes.

The reality is that they donít even have to break anything down to get onto the moor anymore, now they can just ride round it.     It doesnít stop them smashing a few things up for old times sake though.

Well this was the result of my third clean up this week. I only shift the big stuff because I know it wonít last long and on this occasion I had a bigger job to do.

These five bags were just from the area shown in the picture above. The disabled parking bay is so popular because, since the building work, it is now the only place you can sit and enjoy the view.

If you sit on the benches, you are now surrounded by walls, vandalism and rubbish, a bit like sitting in a city dump. Thatís just the sort of thing that people go outdoors to enjoy.  I wonder how much some bright spark architect was paid for that idea?

After a lot of suggestions some bins were finally provided. Personally I welcome them even though they are apparently too far away for people to get out of their cars to use them. Itís just a shame they are never emptied properly or regularly enough.

At least I no longer have to take bags of rubbish home with me to put it into my own dustbin. With the new two week collection of our main dustbins, I would have had to stop clearing up the moor as you can see how fast it starts to fill up the bins provided.

Warm summer weekends often sees several of the dog walkers rolling up on a Sunday morning with bin liners to clear up after Saturday night barbecues and parties in the car park.

This is never ďorganisedĒ, it is just the sort of thing we do because we care about the place and we donít see anybody else doing anything about it.

Fly tipping is another problem and possibly a consequence of not being able to get a high vehicle into the Beal Hey waste disposal unit. Many people faced with such a policy will not drive half way to Manchester to a facility they can use, so they dump their rubbish in the nearest available spot. Hardly surprising that the Brushes Clough car park is such a target then is it.

What is perhaps surprising is that no one in Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council can see the connection between the two.

There is very little information at the moor to tell you how to report fly tipping if you see it going on, but there is a phone number in their leaflets you can use for Oldham Council which is 0161 770 6644. Remember, they will need some evidence such as a registration number to be able to do anything.

There is also a number for contacting the Oldham Countryside Service who are the rangers for the area and based at Tandle Hill Country Park. 0161 620 8202 or email

If you have no luck with them their head office contact details are

Oldham Countryside Service,

Strineside Centre, Holgate Street,

Waterhead, Oldham. OL4 2JW

Telephone 0161 620 8202



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