Act of Desperation?

It is often said that the last acts of a loser are those of desperation.

In this case, having proved unable to win their argument in the public arena, one particular party has decided to try smear tactics instead.

On Saturday a poster was put up on the edge of the Whitesides Plantation implying that I am somehow involved with lighting fires on Crompton Moor.

This was done anonymously of course as is often case with such cowardly attacks.

Its not the first time this has been tried and indeed it seems to rely on pretty much the same tactics, a personal attack on me and my education work.

What they think this will achieve escapes me completely. Since publicly entering this debate I have never made a secret of my identity or my work.

Even my hosting of this web site has been open, transparent and in the public domain.

That is more than can be said of other parties who choose to hide their web sites and discuss their actions on secret forums, presumably because they feel they have something to hide from the public eye.


So let me be very clear on this matter.

The picture used was stolen from my Ravenlore Website, which promotes wilderness skills and low impact camping methods.

This web site has nothing whatsoever to do with my involvement with Crompton Moor. I have never camped on the moor and I have never lit a fire on the moor. I live only a few miles away, why would I feel the need to do either of these things?

I do occasionally go wild camping in places like Scotland and Scandinavia where the laws allow such practices, but even on those occasions I still practice minimum impact camping, as promoted on my web site, which aims to leave no trace. I am internationally known amongst outdoorsmen for the design of my Hobo Stove which was designed specifically for use in such areas.

All images of me using an open fire on my web sites were taken on private land, with the permission of the land owner and only where it was safe to do so.

To imply that I have anything to do with either the campfires or the wildfires on the moor is scurrilous, completely untrue and contrary to everything I have ever posted on any of my web sites.

Indeed, anybody that with an IQ larger than their shoe size that had read the content of my web sites properly, would see that far from supporting such irresponsible behaviour, I condemn such practices without reservation and have reported them to the rangers and the fire brigade on numerous occasions.


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